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Safety Pharmacology Division

Team Background

ZSHK’s safety pharmacology team is an important part of the company's preclinical research
Composed of PhDs and masters with 10 to 20 years of experience in new drug R&D and evaluation as the core, the team functions based on diverse professional backgrounds covering medicine, toxicology, pharmacology, physiology, etc. Currently the team members include experienced safety pharmacology study directors, senior experimental technicians, senior surgeons and veterinarians. Equipped with advanced safety pharmacology instrumentation, such as implantable telemetry system, jacket telemetry system, Biopac MP150, WBP pulmonary function detection system, FOB test system, behavioral research system, BIS EEG system, ion channel screening (Patchliner ), in vitro tissue perfusion system, etc., this team has gained rich experience in safety pharmacology practices and advanced test methodologies in China and other countries.

Key Equipment

Fully Implantable Telemetry System (US DSI)
Jacket Telemetry System (US DSI)
Small Animal Telemetry System (US DSI)
Unrestrained Rat/Mouse Respiration Detection System (US DSI)
BUXCO Inhalation Exposure System (US DSI)
Non-invasive sphygmomanometer (Softron, Japan)
Automatic Patch Clamp System (Nanion, Germany)

Featured Services

◆ Cardiovascular and Respiratory Safety Pharmacology Studies
● Telemetry of conscious, unrestrained animals (beagle, cynomolgus monkey, rat, mouse)
Simultaneous detection of ECG, body temperature, blood pressure, respiration, left ventricular pressure and activity in up to nearly 20 large animals
● Snapshot detection of ECG and blood pressure in anesthetized or restrained animals (rat, mouse, cynomolgus monkey, beagle dog)
● Respiratory safety pharmacology in rats
Full plethysmograph for conscious, unrestrained animals, which can perform continuous data acquisition in at least 8 animals at the same time for tidal volume, respiratory rate, output per minute, etc.

■ Central Nervous System Safety Assessment
● Functional observation battery (FOB) in rats, cynomolgus monkeys, and beagle dogs

◆ In Vitro Safety Pharmacology

◆ Patch-clamp System for GLP-compliant hERG Plasma Channel Current Detection

◆ Other
● Complementary safety pharmacology studies, such as gastrointestinal motility
● Additional safety pharmacology studies, such as action potential duration (APD), etc.
● Small animal EEG
● Surgical services for implants, medical devices, modeling, etc.
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